What is a personal statement and its purpose?

As you know, there are 3 writing assignments required for scholarships applications. Among them are GPA, a letter of recommendation and a personal statement. The latter is often thought to be one of the most appreciated criteria while the chose. In simple words, it is a paper where you introduce yourself with the experience and other background information provided.

So, it is very important to know how to write this kind of academics in a proper way. However, there is no model or 100% accurate sample for it, since a personal statement is personal. Purposes are usually the same not styles and techniques.

A personal statement is usually described as a story, invitation, picture and indication of own goals, priorities. It is actually your story, story about yourself and your life at all; its picture. Also, you should invite readers to read and analyze your story, encourage them to read from the very beginning till the end. That means your essay should be interesting to burn all readers` curiosity and break the distance. Make them invite you on the interview without hesitations. Everything you decide to write in your paper shows your priorities and attitudes towards all things around. Be careful with it.

It should be mention that personal statements are highly appreciated by all tutors. What is good about them is their option to reveal two extremely important things in applicants: an ability to analyze and to write in a correct way.

 Challenges which may occur while writing

Sometimes people can find it difficult to write a good personal statement, what seems to be very easy at first sight. Here are some common problems people face while writing:

  •  Selection of the topic
  • Analyze and sort out information to use the most relevant only
  • Do the research properly
  • Create an outline and adjust the paper according to all set requirements

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