If Writers Wanted to Change One Thing, What Would It Be?

Hello everyone!

My name is Oliver Cross, and the work I’m involved in at this period of my life is writing on education. I’m sure that education is one of the most important factors, as it determines and affects various spheres of human beings.

Besides being the author of several books, I dedicate a lot of time to blogging for education projects. In my opinion, writing blogs gives a chance not only to present your information to the audience, but also to get a feedback. The list of my interests as the author and the blogger includes a big number of points – science, eco projects, travelling and education, as you could understand.

Frankly speaking, I have a PhD in Sociology from Cornell University, and this background helps me a lot, especially when I communicate with students, their teachers and tutors, analyze and compare facts about education in our country and in different parts of the planet. Yeah! I like visiting foreign countries and learn more about education systems there. I’ve been in Australia, Singapore, China, Sweden, France, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Portugal, Italy, the UK, Spain and Canada. Experience I get during my trips is described in my books and blog articles. I don’t aim for creating the most wanted book, I do my best to help people whose passion is education.

Despite a strong interest to education projects, I take part in many eco projects and also encourage other people to follow my example. Doing such things we enrich ecological education of younger and older generations and take care of our home – the Earth. Recent years I pay more attention to this question, as climate changes occupies top positions in the list of global problems. It’s nice to see that young generation understands all importance of ecological education and takes active part in finding solutions to this or that problem. I believe that visiting different schools, colleges, institutes and universities and communicating with students give inspiration to the best authors.

Every time I wonder how many great and original ideas come to minds of students, and more to the points, they should be supported by someone who is more experienced. Without such support many students give up and leave their ideas and plans. Many bloggers wanted to solute this problem, but unfortunately they didn’t succeed. There is also one thing I forgot to tell you about. In order to assist students I became paper writer, performing different kinds of academic works and essays. To be honest, it’s a new chapter of my career story, as I had to work with students in distance, not face to face, but thanks to modern technologies and the Internet we are unstoppable.

Practice shows that the key to success is simple – close cooperation and attention to details. My first and, maybe the most essential, rule is to listen attentively to the student. The writer is not an author; he or she is a person who just improves the original idea, give advice and shape it in a written form. I know situations when writers wanted to do their hard work in the best possible way and were so deeply involved in the process, so they forgot about student’s point of view. The reason why I like this work is an opportunity to bring the discussion with the person who is interested in the topic as you are. That’s why I always try to explore new horizons, new people, new places, and new countries, as they enrich my knowledge. Students shouldn’t be afraid of making mistakes, because they can find someone who can correct them and show in what direction to move.

Oliver Cross

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