Entertainment in London. Having fun on a budget

Things to do in London for free

There are various forms of entertainment present in the capital of Great Britain, and if you think that students cannot afford visiting the city without going broke, we will teach you a few tricks to survive in the money-draining place.

Museums are free

Museums and art galleries you can find in London are mostly free, and you can enter with a group of friends to spice up your weekend and broaden your cultural level. Moreover, they provide guided tours for the newcomers and visitors from other countries, so you will be able to soak in the history and tradition of the UK’s most famous galleries!

Parks are everywhere

London is full of trees and flowers, and the parks are amazing. We can name Richmond Park, Regent’s Park and Hyde Park among the most picturesque, but you can add a few sites from your own experience. It is a great opportunity to spend the weekend with your nearest and dearest and enjoy the sunshine.

Check out cheap theaters

There are theaters in London, located far away from the West End, which allow you to enter for free and provide guests with late night offers at much lower price. You can also participate in the ticket lottery and win a trip to one of the capital’s most amazing art centers. However, you should be attentive as most of these events are announced online, and you have to plan ahead to see everything.

Go on a walking tour

If you don’t mind exploring London on foot, then a free walking tour is just what you need. You can also book a special visit to the walkie-talkie building and have your breath taken away by the mesmerizing views of the city. It is a cheap alternative for those, who cannot afford to buy an excursion every time they are in London.

Save money on travelling

If you live in London, you know that commuting can be quite expensive. To save money and live on a budget as a student or a high school learner, you can buy Oyster travel card. It has a limit of daily trips, but it is also convenient as you get to travel everywhere across London. What is more, you can learn about the lotteries and cheap tickets in the UK, such as Megabus lottery, which allows you travel at lower price.

Learn about student vouchers

Anyone who thinks that shopping therapy is important will agree that it is hard to find a cheap store in London. You can browse online to find special discounts, aimed for students and travelers, or ask locals about the most convenient places to buy stuff such as clothes, food and theater tickets. They will gladly come to help and recommend you the best option for a tight budget.

Get a job

Having a part-time job is an excellent way to save money and make your European travel unforgettable. It is no secret that Britain has high employment rates, compared to other countries with similar economy, so you can easily land a position in a supermarket or a store to save extra money for entertainment.

Attend lab research

If you don’t want any part-time job while in London, you can become a lab rat and take part in the experiments, run by the university’s community. You don’t have to be a student of the same institution, and they usually pay you in vouchers or provide cash to ensure the long-term cooperation. This is an easy way to earn money for social activities and entertainment, if you don’t have an opportunity to find a full-time job.

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