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The Brontes style inside modern reads

If you are a huge fan of Sisters Brontes’ novels and you have read them all – there is a good chance you may find their incredible and breathtaking style inside these modern books. Jump into the routine of modern landscapes and feel the happiness and the agony of the new characters. After that, make sure your home library became larger.

The Madwoman Upstairs by Catherine Lowell

“The Madwoman Upstairs” may blow the modern world of the books. An author presents their readers the incredible experience of the prominent and desperate reading addiction. The main plot of this novel is telling us about the last remaining relative of the Bronte family, as she desperately wants to uncover the unbearable truth that was hidden as a family secret. This story can help you to go through the interesting experience of the famous sisters.

The Lost Art of Letter Writing by Menna van Praag

This book by Menna van Praag can change your world. The main character – Clara Cohen – in the center of the action, when she had found love letters from wartime period. This interesting circle of events led to a journey, where she tries to deliver these letters to their rightful owners. The breathtaking atmosphere of her adventures – can be an ideal book for you this year.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave

We continue to blow your mind with yet another fantastic book that has unique plot. If you are a fan of love stories – this must be it. Enjoy the wonderful love story with the unpredictable historical twists – the sisters Brontes would like it for sure. The plot is transferring you to London during the WWII. Three main characters create a good atmosphere for all readers to help them enjoy the best parts of passionate love through the famous events of historical violence.


Don’t Stop Me Now by Colleen Coleman

The Brontes style inspired this author to re-create the same atmosphere of their famous novels in this book. The main hero – Poppy Bloom decided to go through all difficulties on her professional way. She found herself unemployed after few strikes by a destiny, as you may enjoy the whole circle of her life’s events. This book can be a good guide for every woman who desperately tries to climb up the professional ladder.

Sour Heart by Jenny Zhang

This is probably the best story about women who are trying to reach their dreams despite all unpleasant situations throughout their lives. The unique style of Jenny Zhang can inspire modern society to make some serious changes. The magic behind her words is probably some sort of superpower that Brontes sisters used to create their novels.

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