What is an expository essay? Read attentively the following information

What is an expository essay

An expository essay is a kind of assignment, which is a piece of prose explaining a certain topic to an audience. These essays can be written both for exams or some kinds of tests, like SAT. They can be also completed out of the class.

This kind of essaydeals with analysis and information. This essay can be even without the main argument, although it concentrates on basic points of view. It`s not a kind of a great research work, that`s why you won`t find here broad arguments. Still, the essay deals with a particular topic with appropriate examples. If you complete an essay during the exam, then you`ll have to use knowledge from your head.

The main elements of expository essays

This kind of assignment also has own requirements, which students need to follow to complete everything in the best way:

  • A brief thesis statement, which shows the main idea of an essay and makes the topic clear for readers.
  • You should have a paragraph, which introduces the thesis.
  • Body paragraphs should include information, which illustrates your points of view and supports them.
  • Paragraphs should be transited in a logical way and smoothly.
  • Your conclusion should show the main idea once again, but it shouldn`t sound like a thesis statement.

Steps to create expository essays

It`s a 5-paragraph assignment and this structure is similar to other writings. It`s a good chance to start working with essay writingif you haven`t done this before. The 5-paragraph essay has the following elements:

  • Introduction, which includes a thesis statement.
  • Three body paragraphs, including the analysis information and arguments, which prove the main point.
  • A conclusion, where you summarize the information you have presented and prove the main thesis.

5 paragraphs are just a kind of a recommendation, but the structure fully depends on you and your essay. If it`s 3 or 4 pages long, then you may need more paragraphs. And it`s not a problem, as the structure remains the same, you just add some extra paragraphs. You may also look for some expository essay examples to get a better idea of writing.

Guide on essay composing

  • You should start with reading an assignment attentively, make sure you have understood everything. Think on a topic, which is relevant to the assignment. If you need, make the topic narrower to fit your requirements.
  • Make an outline of an essay. Think well on a thesis statement, it should fully depict the main idea of your assignment. Moreover, make it interesting and brief to catch reader`s attention.
  • Think of examples you can use, they can be taken from your own experience or knowledge you have. Remember that these examples should be connected with the main idea of your essay.
  • Paragraphs should be logically connected. Express each idea with an example creating a separate paragraph.
  • Create an interesting and thoughtful conclusion, which is relevant to the main idea of your essay. Sum up what you have written about in the whole assignment.
  • If you complete this kind of work at home, then you may write body paragraphs first and then go on with an introduction. It can be easier to come up with a thesis statement in this case.
  • The essay you have created should include the following:

  • Define major terms and ideas;
  • Specific and appropriate examples;
  • Examples should be interconnected;
  • Examples should be compared with thesis;
  • Check your essay, proofread it to avoid any kinds of mistakes. Your assignment should be interesting and original. Make your readers like you essay by giving really useful information.

You can get more details here: https://www.wikihow.com/Write-an-Expository-Essay

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