Be Happy and Successful with Your Own American Dream

Make your life better with American Dream

Have you ever heard what the “American dream” is? What this concept means and how it affects our life? People say that it is a real successful life when person is a master of his/her destiny and use the freedom in full. There is no absolutely clear definition of American Dream, as it is considered by people based on their different worldviews, mental perception, sociological status and time.

To desire to be successful, to dream of changing the for the better and realize all plans in reality are the main reasons that can lead a person to a great success. Americans are free people, they are not afraid to express their thoughts, to protect their personal, cultural, political, moral views and rights. But they agree that sometimes neglect their own freedom, while immigrants from different country value this outlook, doing their best to become a part of American society.

Of course, the perception of American dream differs considerably when comparing the views on it of people who live in this country and immigrants.  For people, who have recently received American citizenship, this concept is associated with the possibility of earning more money than in their home countries and they also believed that there are the huge chances to provide high-quality education to their children. Later, they begin to realize that American society allows all its citizens to be happy, to achieve their life goals, make them believe that life is one and that they are the only creators of their own destiny and that they are free to act and work hard to make all dreams come true.

One of the advantage of the American Dream is that people are able to maintain their life. You could be born in poor family but become to be a millionaire 30 years later. People are free to build their destiny regardless of religious and sociological divisions. You need to strive for your goals without doubting yourself in spite of any obstacles or suffering that may be in your life. People who are lazy will always be unhappy and complain about their life. Therefore, don’t pay attention to any possible difficulties, limitations, an irresistible desire to surrender, always go forward, achieve your goals as it is the main movement of human life. Never say that you cannot do something it is also a basic element of American Dream.

The American Dream also assumes that all people are equal regardless of their race, political views, religion or sexual orientation. All of them deserve to be happy and their own American Dream. Be responsible for your every action, freedom, dream and life goals. Be able to control the destiny and strive for the better reputation. Don’t forget that we have only one life and it should be lived in full and with a great pleasure. Spend every day with the benefit and don’t waste time on unnecessary things and people. If you are still not satisfied with life, do your best to become a successful and lucky person. Never give up, be decisive at every step and try to work for pleasure. Open up new and new doors and don’t be surprised if you become a president of the country one day. Believe in yourself and you will succeed!

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