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Essay about the significance of baseball in Americans’ life

With the advent of the spring, when everything comes to life after a long and cold winter, it’s a great time to play baseball. The game is popular in North America and Canada. It was created in New England during the American Civil War. Today, the International Baseball Federation includes more than 100 countries around the world and Japan is considered to have the largest baseball league. It is a team game that requires competition and concentration.

Previously, people played baseball on pastures or a dirt, flat field, but it was more for pleasure and joy. Nowadays, it is a spectator sport during the summer. People pay money in order to see and enjoy games. In 21st century, baseball has been an integral part of American culture, life and society and it is called “America’s Favorite Pastime”. There is Major League Baseball which is the most professional and it makes millions of dollars a year.

In the last 150 years since baseball was established, the game hasn’t changed much. It still has the same rules and principles and requires the same language. One problem is that players have to maintain their productivity with different drugs. In this way, they can harm their health seriously and say goodbye to baseball forever.

Alexander Cartwright was the first who organized the baseball team which was called Knickerbocker Baseball Club of New York. He also took part in writing the first-ever rules of the game. Alexander is also named as the “Father of Baseball”. One more interesting fact is that the catcher is the most dangerous and difficult job in this kind of sport. They are often suffered from torn meniscus, so their equipment is sometimes called “tools of ignorance”.

It is interesting to know that hot dogs are the most popular food among fans of the game. Fenway park is the oldest baseball park which is located in Boston. Baseball has several features that separate it from basketball, hockey and football. All these sports have the limited time and their games are more collective; there are no significant differences between their playgrounds. Baseball fields vary considerably in size and shape. In the USA they are called as “park”. Forbes field was the first stadium built in the USA.

Ken Ash is known for his one winning pitch. Is it amazing?  Jim Abbot who was born with one hand, made an 11-years-old career as a pitcher in MLB. It sounds funny but in MLB judges should wear black linen according the rules. One more is that women have never played baseball. Effa Louise Manley was the first and only woman who dealt with this game.

The advantage of this sport is also that people can develop themselves physically and always keep in shape. This kind of activity can become your favorite hobby and a good opportunity for a well spent time with friends. Baseball seasons are so long, so you can enjoy it for a long time. People also love the game because of its perfect scoring and play without a clock. This spectator sport is a great pleasure to watch both on TV and live. Let’s baseball be your best hobby at least because of its speed, stamina, strength and reflex. Try this fascinating and entertaining kind of team game and you will convince that it is created special for you.

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