Our Refund Policy

We understand that sometimes customers can be completely dissatisfied with the work, they can no longer have a need in the order, or simply a payment error can happen. That is why we provide our clients with a money back guarantee. Cases, when a refund is possible, are indicated below. Please not that all rules, mentioned below, are to be strictly followed in order to get that refund.

There is an opportunity to get one of the following refund types if the “Approved” button has not been pressed:

  1. A 100% refund:
  • A payment mistake happened. Sometimes there may be placed two identical orders, or customers pay two times for the same order. If such situation happens, you should inform us about it as soon as possible. You can receive a refund only if the writer has not been assigned yet;
  • Sometimes we have a lot of simultaneous orders and not enough available writers. If we cannot assign a writer for your order, then we will inform you and initiate the refund process;
  • If a writer has not managed to meet a deadline, and, as a result, you do not need the ordered paper anymore, you can apply for a refund. Please note that no text materials will be sent to you in such a case. Furthermore, you will not be able to use any materials, which has been sent to you before the deadline.
  1. A 70% refund:
  • If you do not need the order anymore, but less than a half of the time before the deadline has passed. 30% of your payment is needed for a compensation to a writer, who has been working on your assignment.
  1. A 50% refund:
  • If you apply for a revision, but there is no available writer;
  • You decide to cancel the order, but more than 50% of a time has passed before the deadline. The half of your payment is needed for a compensation to the assigned writer.

Please note that as soon as the refund procedure is initiated, all the rights on the intellectual property (text or any other materials, which we have sent to you) are abolished. This means that you cannot use these materials under any conditions.

If you sent the paper for a revision, you cannot apply for a refund. A revision means that you approve text, but slight adjustment should be made. That is why you cannot receive a 100% refund if your text is sent for a free revision.

In addition to that, you cannot start refund procedure for the following options:

  • VAT;
  • Credit money;
  • If your initial instructions are satisfied, and the Quality Assurance team confirms that;
  • Any types of discounts;
  • Cases, when requirement of Term of Use document are not met;
  • Cases, when the “Approve” button has been pressed;
  • Multiple Choice Question assignments. Answers, given by the writer, are considered approved. Sometimes, there is an opportunity to get a partial refund if the writer scores less than 50% of points.