Pluses and minuses of modern education system

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A happy future is a dream of every person. High-quality education is the key that opens many doors to the achieving success.

Prestigious work, big salary and lots of opportunities are the results of high-quality education. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the choice of an educational institution in a very demanding way.

We know that the system of education is constantly changing. Nowadays there are many modern methods and approaches that develop our education.

Before getting into details about the pluses and minuses of modern education system let’s define what it is. So, our modern education system is the one that teaches information and skills that student needs nowadays. Students get the marks for performing their skills and knowledge during tests and examinations.

Modern education is the result of the traditional education evolution. Let’s start with the pluses in our education.

Student participation is always welcomed!

The more students express their opinions, or they argue for/against – the better. It positively affects the final mark, because it shows that the student is very interested in the subject. The students develop their critical thinking through the different discussions and projects. It is important to show that you have your point of view, and it won’t affect you in a bad way, even if your opinion doesn’t seem similar to the teacher or other students.

Great teacher-student relationships

The modern education system puts the communicative skills as the basis for the successful studying. The well-organized cooperation between the teacher and the student makes the process of learning better for both participants. The friendly environment in the class contributes to the better perception of the necessary information. When students can speak to their teachers as to the mentors, it means that value the knowledge of the subject. In this way, students develop their academic knowledge as well as personal communicative experience.

Life skills are taught

Besides the theoretical data, students acquire the vital life skills to use in the real-life situations. There are also many vocational courses that help the student to learn necessary skills for the future job.

Tests and examination

The first and quite an important minus of the modern education system is an examination. The process of getting marks can be really stressful for the students. Exams are the bad way to evaluate the students’ knowledge and skills. The system has to be changed in order to destroy the unhealthy competition among the students.

Ready answers

Another disadvantage of the modern education system is ‘spoon feeding’. Unfortunately, students are afraid to make mistakes, even though it is normal, as they will better learn from own experience. They don’t have any freedom to decide for themselves, everything is already prepared. What’s right and what’s wrong.

Huge amount of information

There are so many things teachers want their students to know. That is a good approach, although, as a rule, teachers just throw the big amount of information, and expect their student to learn it all. They make a mistake, as the memorizing is not the best choice, its understanding will contribute to students’ knowledge more.

Education is not just about going to school and getting a degree. It’s about widening your knowledge and absorbing the truth about life.

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