Privacy Policy

In order to place your orders on our website you should consent to enter into the agreement on this Privacy Policy. If you don`t agree to do it, your use of this website will be unlawful and you will be asked to exit it. This document will govern our relationships for privacy. It is legally binding. Due to the Privacy Policy our custom writing service and our clients will have the mutual rights and obligations. Make sure that you are well-aware of the most important points of privacy.

General Provisions

It is important for us to have an accurate identification procedure in order to provide our customers with the high quality of academic writing services. Our purpose of getting certain information about our customers is absolutely legitimate. We can`t obtain any information without your previous consent. Our company gets your personal information in a fair and legal way. We get the certain information when you identify your personality, communicate with us or fill any forms. We can also get information by means of tracking your transactions or observing your activities on our website. Our staff never gets information concerning your criminal convictions, political views, religious and philosophical beliefs, and your health condition.

We can always give our customers access to their personal data

Our customers have the full right to make a request to our company for any personal information. We can always explain why we hold information about you and give you a description of it. We will tell you who it could be disclosed to and in which cases. You can also have a copy of the information in an intelligible form.

Information we get as our customers purchase our services

To make your order process and the accomplishment of your writing assignment possible, you should provide us with some certain information. For our successful cooperation you should indicate your phone number, your email, some credit card details, and copy of your ID. Our staff will use your email to send you the most important information about the accomplishment of your order. We can also call you to inform you about the discounts and special orders of our custom writing service. Your payment authorization will be impossible without your ID or certain information on your credit card.

Information we get as our customers browse our website

We automatically obtain information about your operating system, your browser type, and access type when you open our website. You should remember that we can`t identify you. We need such information in order to customize our web pages and make their content better.

Final Provisions

This Privacy Policy creates a full understanding between our company and our customers. You can be sure of the safety of all transactions and the complete confidentiality. Nobody will ever have access to your personal information mentioned during our cooperation. We are obliged to enforce the implementation of every provision of the Privacy Policy. They can be modified and altered at our sole and absolute discretion without issuing any warnings.