Rewriting Service

Writing is an effective way of communication, as well as it is a good type of assignment to check student’s knowledge of particular subjects. The more teachers ask students to express their thoughts in a written form, the larger number of them turn for help to one of writing services.

That is when they come to us and apply for help with different types of assignments. As we understand how hard it is to write a lot of essays, reports, research papers simultaneously and how essential the quality can be when it influences the final mark, we have come up with the professional service that meets the requirements of students in terms of writing assignments.

One of the advantageous and not extremely expensive writing services is rewriting. This article is about this type of writing, its features, and prices.


 What is Rewriting Service?

Rewriting is another popular service, ordered mainly by students. This type of writing is based on the rendering of one text into the other one, so that the product of rewriting can be considered as unique text material. It is cheaper than copywriting because a writer does not need to create the whole text from scratch. He or she already has the source to paraphrase.

It is convenient to students, as they have a lot of materials from previous years that can be used for on-going writing assignments. The good example is the essay from the previous year that does not fully correspond to the new topic. A student can send it to as, along with the new topic, and our writer will make a new essay, which is ready for submission.

The other example when the rewriting service is handy is students start working on the writing assignment on their own but drop that because that have no idea what else to add or have no time to complete the task. Therefore, rewriting is a service that provides unique text materials for the minor cost. How is it possible? We will complete the paper in such a manner that it will have features of a text, written from scratch, as in copywriting service, but rates are for rewriting service.


Rewriting Features

When we talk about rewriting service we should keep in mind that it should be done, according to certain requirements and also have basic features of a text written from scratch. All in all, we can highlight certain feature of rewritten text from our service:

  • It contains the minimum percentage of plagiarism so that it can be considered as originally written text;
  • The rewritten text corresponds to the style and format of the original one;
  • The idea of the original text is preserved, but it is rendered in other words;
  • The new information can be added if it is indicated as a requirement in the order form.